North Cliff Vineyards

The best grapes make the best wines. And the best grapes are grown as naturally as possible.

Our Vineyard

Our philosophy is built around the idea that growing the most natural grape possible will produce the best wine. Our Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot grapes, have produced some of the highest quality wines on Long Island. Our grapes can naturally ferment without inoculation from commercially produced yeast. Our grapes use wild and native yeasts that come directly from the vineyard. These indigenous yeasts produce a distinct, high quality wine, that can be discerned by the consumer.

Our Philosophy

North Cliff Vineyards is a lush, natural farm, that uses no harmful chemicals that destroy the other plants in the vineyard. Our vines are surrounded by indigenous plants that grow side by side with our grapes. Unlike other vineyards that use chemicals to control weeds under the vine, North Cliff Vineyards allows those native grown plants to co-exist with our grapes.

Our Location

North Cliff Vineyards is located less than a quarter mile from the scenic bluffs of the Long Island Sound in Mattituck. Situated between the beautiful waters of the Long Island Sound, and Peconic Bay to the south, North Cliff benefits from the unique climate of the east end of Long Island. Relatively dry, hot summers are softened by temperate breezes, and winter weather is buffered by proximity to large bodies of water. Glacial soils form another part of our terroir. The result is vines that are challenged and stressed enough to produce excellent grapes.

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