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    Merlot is a widely planted grape on Long Island, and does well with the peculiarities of our climate. Its name roughly translates to "blackbird," a homage to its dark blue color. Merlot grapes produce a wine soft in texture but rich in flavor. Our Merlot grapes are among the best on Long Island, and are much in demand by other producers. We have 12 acres of Merlot planted, yielding approximately 30 tons at harvest.

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Cabernet Franc

    Cabernet Franc likely originated from Basque Country, the region where southwest France meets Spain. Its thin skin yields a wine that is lighter in color and moderate in tannins. Traditionally used as a blending grape, on Long Island, Cab Franc is an outstanding varietal. Some of the best Cabernet Francs from Long Island have been made with grapes from North Cliff Vineyards.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon is planted in a myriad of climates and locations globally, and is increasingly planted on Long Island. Its thick skin is tannin and color-rich, resulting in a beautiful, distinctive red wine. Our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are excellent, with lush flavors and high brix.

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Petit Verdot

    Petit Verdot originates from the Bordeaux region of France. Its name translates to “small green,” in reference to the small size of the grapes and how the grapes are often late to ripen, meaning some grapes are still green at harvest time. Often used to blend, its wine is an inky, violet-black, with well-balanced tannins. Our Petit Verdot grapes make terrific wine, whether blended with other varietals or standing on their own.

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